Adams Creek,  from Morehead City to Oriental, September 16, 2000

Morehead City Turning Basin looking North West (45917 bytes)

Turning basin and Highway #70 Bridge(44353 bytes)

Highway #70 bridge looking north(58154 bytes)

After highway 70 bridge, leave two cans to starboard(67424 bytes)

Shrimp boat in Core Creek(80045 bytes)

Jarrett Bay Marina(68034 bytes)

Jarrett Bay Sportfish yachts(55390 bytes)

Range between Jarret Bay Marina and Morehead(53060 bytes)

Core Creek Bridge at mile 195(76485 bytes)

House on Core creek(102588 bytes)

New House on ICW (97701 bytes)

Line up range (see above photo) to Morehead(37353 bytes)

sojourner (78391 bytes)

New Houses on ditch(74487 bytes)

houses(78890 bytes)

Kayacks on Adams Creek (94072 bytes)

sea cape marina(67038 bytes)

Range at Cedar Creek (54241 bytes)

Shrimp boat (84299 bytes)

entrance from Neuse River to Adams Creek(63290 bytes)

Entrance to Adams Creek from side view(66962 bytes)

Looking north from Adams Creek to Neuse River(41344 bytes)

Oriental in the distance (40125 bytes)

Captain phillips shrimp(41700 bytes)

Capt david shrimp boat in traffic (40015 bytes)

Miss kelly shrimp (61114 bytes)

phosphate barge (42980 bytes)

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