Beaufort, North Carolina

September 10, 2000

Bouy 2; entrance to Beaufort

Leave red to right and favor green side

entrance1.jpg (58613 bytes)

entrance1a.jpg (50709 bytes)

Entering Beaufort (51141 bytes)

mid  channel marker (79910 bytes)

Beauforts fronting channel (53511 bytes)

Post Office (63163 bytes)

Old town Marina(56363 bytes)

The Inlet Inn (75877 bytes)

beauwaterfront. (71882 bytes)

Old Beaufort Homes (64000 bytes)

Wild Horses across from Beaufort(70447 bytes)

hourses (100925 bytes)

hourses(78407 bytes)

hourses (65229 bytes)

kayaking(90436 bytes)

moorings (55008 bytes)

moorings(59420 bytes)

New Beaufort Homes (72700 bytes)

View from new homes (52616 bytes)

newhomes (61674 bytes)

beauview(44207 bytes)

menhaden factory (57864 bytes)

menhaden (59937 bytes)

Menhaden factory(67646 bytes)

View of Harker's Island from Beaufort (50636 bytes)

End of Beaufort (North East) (55285 bytes)

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