Hatteras, North Carolina, July 18, 2001

wjb prepares to leave.JPG (65711 bytes) wjb off lookout.JPG (50641 bytes) wjb in solo seat heading north.JPG (72170 bytes) war ship off lejune1.JPG (44244 bytes)
well marked channel from seabouy.JPG (38776 bytes) red and green approaching Hatteras inlet.JPG (39537 bytes) Hatteras ferry crosses inside Hatteras point.JPG (41683 bytes) Red bouy at south tip of hatteras island.JPG (38710 bytes)
Hatteras ferry crosses inlet channel.JPG (44688 bytes) approaching breakwater at Hatteras Village.JPG (54553 bytes) final approach to hatteras village.JPG (58227 bytes) Entrance to Hatteras Village entrance.JPG (59193 bytes)
Hatteras ferrys to (left ferry) and from the island.JPG (48328 bytes) Twilight at Oden dock, Hatteras Village.JPG (83031 bytes) Hatteras fishing boat.JPG (67445 bytes) Twilight at Odem Dock with new kayack loaded.JPG (81150 bytes)