Morehead City arriving from Beaufort (Northeast) October 28, 2000

USCG base on port side of channel to Morehead (41874 bytes)

Abandoned Seaplane Base opposite USCG on Radio Island (43043 bytes)

Entering Morehead turning basin (28443 bytes)

morehead deep entrance around port (33591 bytes)

morehead entrance beside ships (37296 bytes)

channel marker 3 with new condos in background  (79067 bytes)

channel marker 3 and 5..... keep to left  (59503 bytes)

channel marker 3 and 5.JPG (59548 bytes)

restaurant on waterfront   (79397 bytes)

morehead charter boats.JPG (67636 bytes)

morehead charter boats2.JPG (53682 bytes)

high tide on restaurant row  (53253 bytes)

great restaurant (mosquita cafe) with floating docks (87051 bytes)

harbor cruise boats and dive boats line waterfront.JPG (72945 bytes)

harbor cruise boat with charter fishing boats (57226 bytes)

morehead BP dock.JPG (55138 bytes)

large dive shop(59591 bytes)

 dive shop   (57918 bytes)

gift shops on the morehead waterfront.  (78591 bytes)

Olympus Dive Center.JPG (85492 bytes)

dive Olympus boat.JPG (71343 bytes)

HarborView Health Care Center.JPG (65037 bytes)

leaving Morehead looking southwest.JPG (51060 bytes)

view of Morehead arriving from southwest.JPG (51342 bytes)

leaving morehead heading southwest.JPG (45919 bytes) easy entrance from southwest (47207 bytes) leaving Morehead heading southwest (40847 bytes) going southwest through bridge  (44369 bytes)
Atlantic Beach Bridge(38265 bytes) houses on waterfront Morehead city.  (46133 bytes) New and old houses on Morehead waterfron 45656 bytes) morehead city houses  (59484 bytes)
Bouge Banks open water (36353 bytes) morehead house waterfront.  (51510 bytes) bougue banks shallow cruising.JPG (43603 bytes) looking north east at atlantic beach bridge.JPG (37315 bytes)
what happened to Camp Morehead????? (41507 bytes) Camp Morehead Condos(44139 bytes) Spooners Creek Yacht Harbor(58801 bytes) Wind blown trees (69544 bytes)
beautiful trees shade condos(69541 bytes) cedar house on Bouge Sound (57054 bytes)