New Bern, NC

September 16, 2000

Downtown New Bern

New Bern coming from south (51445 bytes)

New Bern from South(57968 bytes)

Bouy leave to Port (53646 bytes)

New High Rise Bridge(46027 bytes)

Entrance  (63333 bytes)

entrance (58461 bytes)

 (59771 bytes)

Confort Inn (70537 bytes)

Sheraton Marina (52733 bytes)

Waterfront(105389 bytes)

Trent River Bridge (41506 bytes)

Ramada Marina(56864 bytes)

William Baggett author aboard Paradox (Cape Dory 28) (71544 bytes)

Entance into Sheraton Marina (50299 bytes)

shemarina.j (52733 bytes)

Trent River Bridge(41506 bytes)

Neuse River Sailing (55740 bytes)

neusesailboat (53169 bytes)

neusesailboa(42616 bytes)

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