Newport RI, September 8, 2001

12 meter boats abound.JPG (78158 bytes) arriving in Newport.JPG (65422 bytes) Barristers Wharf.JPG (68842 bytes) Bow of America.JPG (81773 bytes)
Brilliant.JPG (89176 bytes) Madeleine.JPG (93267 bytes) old power.JPG (82499 bytes) Priapus.JPG (93858 bytes)
sailing ships of Newport.JPG (68718 bytes) shinning brass in the am.JPG (97922 bytes) Traveling via lobster boat.JPG (88496 bytes) Twilight at Bannisters Wharf.JPG (85388 bytes)
Viking Queen tour boat.JPG (78508 bytes) work boats in yacht haven.JPG (76204 bytes) dock house in Newport at Bannisters Wharf great looking classic sailboats
replicia of yacht America (105950 bytes) doro with Twilight in Newport (80531 bytes) doro inspects America(84664 bytes) looking down Bannisters wharf(93975 bytes)
sign in front of church where Kennedy was married (109303 bytes) red house in Newport(117834 bytes) work boats of Newport(80653 bytes) large rigs in Newport(64431 bytes)
cruise ships in Newport (54830 bytes) An old 12 meter yacht goes sailing (52832 bytes) to windward(72926 bytes)