Ocracoke Island October 14/15th 2000. Arrival by sea

Cedar Island Ferry enters Silver Lake(41645 bytes)

View of Silver Lake (79275 bytes)

Old house on Silver Lake with Anchorage Inn in background (74275 bytes)

thurston house B&B(125331 bytes)

Silver Lake (where Blackbeard lived)(79275 bytes)

albert styron general store(81083 bytes)

silverl ake trading company (76236 bytes)

thurstonhouse B&B see above(97346 bytes)

light keepers guest house (90791 bytes)

castleB&B on Silver Lake(100053 bytes)

ride the wind Surf Shop(75804 bytes)

oriental dock with paradox(65915 bytes)

hemp shop clothing(86109 bytes)

Great outdoor bars on Silver Lake (94678 bytes)

ocracoke coffee shop (104610 bytes)

anchorage marina sunset on Silver Lake(54450 bytes)

Silver Lake Sunset (41246 bytes)

Watching Sunset in Pamlico sound  (43817 bytes)

moon over marina(33019 bytes)

ocracoke lighthouse (72914 bytes)

Howard house (141834 bytes)

ocracoke canel on west side of island. (56217 bytes)

House on west side (100128 bytes)

silverlake hotel(53845 bytes)

B&B castle behind whittler club (63319 bytes)

Leaving anchorage fuel dock (83261 bytes)

house on silver lake (66377 bytes)

house on silver lake(75280 bytes)

Leaving Silver Lake by Ferry Dock(45266 bytes)

going out through channel (51130 bytes)

Rounding south beach ocracoke (41033 bytes)

Passing south of island(47937 bytes)

crossing the bar to seaward (66228 bytes)

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