A new top for the photographer's Cape Dory "Twilight" (65209 bytes)

Paradox in Oriental at Whittaker Creek Marina (79512 bytes)

WJB in Whittaker Creek Marina Courtesy Car (68720 bytes)

Going shoping at the inlandwaterwayprovision  company(71905 bytes)

Great selection of Pat Obrien books (78450 bytes)

A good wine supply see above right side (87894 bytes)

Very complete marine supplys (84989 bytes)

The Oriental Yacht Club located at the Port Entrance to Oriental (75246 bytes)

Oriental Yacht Club (51302 bytes)

View from OYC(108209 bytes)

OYC (61438 bytes)

OYC view (67428 bytes)

OYC view (71546 bytes)

OYC party deck (79391 bytes)

oyc9b.jpg.JPG (80755 bytes)

The ladyscott shrimp boat (89384 bytes)

Neat Stone House in Oriental (120175 bytes)

Another neat Oriental House (129337 bytes)

Good Grocery Store (79072 bytes)

WJB working on CarolinaCruising.Com (53818 bytes)


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