Rum Cay, Bahamas December 2003/January 2004

cliffs of rum with lieca2.jpg (501021 bytes) cliffs of rum with lieca1.jpg (539319 bytes) another profile of sea eagle.JPG (61272 bytes) cliffs of rum 2.JPG (73231 bytes)
cliffs of rum cay east side.JPG (45685 bytes) cliffs of rum cay.JPG (71036 bytes) doro at rum cay.JPG (74305 bytes) dorothy and wjb at base of cliff.JPG (89869 bytes)
dorothy at base of cliff.JPG (88280 bytes) eagle profile with leica1.jpg (438934 bytes) run cay limestone formations with lieca1.jpg (502445 bytes) limestone formations at rum cay.jpg (420860 bytes)
mom and pop at rum.JPG (103115 bytes) on cliff2.JPG (63793 bytes) one sea eagle.JPG (99016 bytes) paint like markings on limestone.JPG (86625 bytes)
profile of bird.JPG (64053 bytes) limestone formations at rum cay with lieca.jpg (526222 bytes) two osprey's on rum cay.jpg (435224 bytes) wjb and rum cay cat.JPG (90745 bytes)
north shore rum cay lieca.jpg (662435 bytes) bridget at rum cay marina.JPG (66836 bytes) doro at sunset (lieca).jpg (417134 bytes) north reef break lieca.jpg (517508 bytes)
local gazebo on rum.JPG (114403 bytes) kays restaurant on rum.JPG (110369 bytes) locals at st christophers.JPG (65885 bytes) st christrophers chruch.JPG (79578 bytes)
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