Tangier Island on the Eastern Shore, July 2001

approaching tangier island.JPG (54928 bytes) airplane landing on Tangier Island.JPG (44792 bytes) Tangier island from the south.JPG (58716 bytes) bay entrance to tangier island.JPG (56864 bytes)
looking south from west entrance to Tangier Island.jpg (441451 bytes) tangier island main street2.jpg (447425 bytes) tangier island mainstreet1.jpg (432738 bytes) island crab shack with no land access.JPG (51170 bytes)
parks marina.JPG (74745 bytes) traffic on main street tangier island.jpg (438031 bytes) crabber approaching his dock.JPG (56104 bytes) tying up at crab shacks.JPG (63667 bytes)
crab shacks with no land access.JPG (55909 bytes) island community.JPG (44758 bytes) docks with no land access.JPG (46547 bytes) houses on Tangier Island.JPG (43569 bytes)
tangier island docks.JPG (57492 bytes) Real island crab shacks.JPG (47866 bytes) Island crab docks.JPG (53410 bytes) tangier island life.JPG (50916 bytes)
leaving tangier island.JPG (54634 bytes) tangier boat and planes.JPG (81848 bytes) crab boats at tangier islanda.jpg (455927 bytes) tangier crab boat coming home.JPG (48383 bytes)
carlene c.JPG (75062 bytes) crab traps ready for bay.jpg (472801 bytes) houses on tangier island main street.jpg (521383 bytes) crab boat on eastern shore.JPG (54279 bytes)
Miss Pally.jpg (489152 bytes) tangier island crab shacks on cannel.jpg (499591 bytes) Tangier island crab boats.JPG (56750 bytes) fishing in the bay.JPG (63599 bytes)
landing strip on tangier island.JPG (58915 bytes)

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