To Ocracoke Island from the south by ocean October 14/15/2000 Weather clear/light north wind

 Photos on the island of Ocracoke

Rounding Cape Lookout from Morehead(50273 bytes)

Campers and 4 wheelers on Lookout point (41438 bytes)

Crossing shoal between East and West crossing bouys (55699 bytes)

East shoal bouy (depth crossing min. 8' mid tide) (54143 bytes)

Boat crossing shoal (49570 bytes)

Diamond Shoal Lighthouse from ocean (45007 bytes)

Drum Inlet with campers and 4 wheelers (54290 bytes)

Accessable only by water in small boats, these houses on core banks (35865 bytes)

More core bank condos!  (54168 bytes)

Core Banks houses (see above right) (59667 bytes)

View of all Core Banks homes shown from ocean (47050 bytes)

Core bank condos(50308 bytes)

Total Core Banks developement (45483 bytes)

A hazy view of Ocracoke Village in the distance (23948 bytes)

South point of Ocracoke Island with campers (47284 bytes)

ocracoke seabouy(43614 bytes)

ocracoke seabouy(47993 bytes)

First can bouy upon entrance to well marked inlet (32679 bytes)

ocracoke can 2 (40820 bytes)

Red bouy in line to cross bar (38844 bytes)

Red bouy #2 just off south point with campers(52082 bytes)

see left photo (34761 bytes)

yacht going to sea past red bouy off point (61789 bytes)

same as photo on left (37368 bytes)

green 13 marks a shoal as you cross the bar (75379 bytes)

South point  (50398 bytes)

Red 16 marks channel to Ocracoke (36361 bytes)

fisherman sets nets on shoal to port (45566 bytes)

Red 30 and green 31 and you can see mouth of Silver Lake (48276 bytes)

green 31(36160 bytes)

Ocracoke lighthouse (38268 bytes)

final marks on approach to Silver Lake(34095 bytes)


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